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Tuesday, 29 January 2013


My goodness we've been away from here for a long time!
All we can say on the matter is that we have been RAWTHER busy working on our next two adventures ( Our 4th adventure -CLAUDE IN THE COUNTRY is out now btw!)

There are two new CLAUDE books being published this year and the first one is only a few months away!  We are so excited, we keep coming over all unnecessary and have to keep putting damp sponges on our heads and running into the kitchen to clank saucepans together...

Here is a very special SNEAK PEEK at book 5 - CLAUDE in the Spotlight which will be in the shops in April. Our Very Good Friend Alex T. Smith wrote this for his blog, so don't tell him we've stolen it for here!

Lots of Waggy Tails from

CLAUDE and Sir Bobblysock


I'm delighted to be able to give you a few sneak peeks from the forthcoming fifth CLAUDE book -

CLAUDE in the Spotlight!

In this adventure, Claude and the ever faithful Sir Bobblysock find themselves caught up in a mystery of the supernatural kind at the local theatre...

It all starts when Claude finds himself at a children's dancing class. 
He's keen to get involved with the music, but...

... then the dance teacher (Miss Henrietta Highkick-Spin) bounds into the class...

... and Claude is soon caught up in the dancing!

But first he must do some warm up stretches.
Poor Claude does find that there are some slight downsides to being a small, plump dog...

Later on, and because of Some Plot, Claude finds himself at the local theatre getting ready to perform with his new dance troupe in a Variety Show where the first prize is a VERY delicious treat. 

Unfortunately, there are some peculiar goings on backstage and Claude and Sir Bobblysock must investigate who the mysterious ghostie is and why he's being so naughty and trying to spoil the show...

Whilst all this is going on, there is also the small problem of a very large chandelier that doesn't seem to be very securely attached to the ceiling...

Can CLAUDE and Sir Bobblysock, solve the mystery AND the chandelier?
You'll have to wait and see!

Claude in the Spotlight will be published in the UK by Hodder Children's Books on the 4th April 2013

It's available to pre-order now online, but please do also remember to support your local high street and independent book stores.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

WORLD BOOK DAY Part One: CLAUDE and Sir Bobblysock Fashion Show

Cor! Would you look at these lovely CLAUDE fans! Don't they look spiffing?!

It was World Book Day on Friday and all over the UK, children and teachers were going into schools dressed as their favourite book characters. And our new best friends Charlie, Tilly and Caitlin decided to go dressed as us! I blushed all the way from the toes of my shineyshoes to the top of my beret when I saw them and Sir Bobblysock had to sit on the sofa with a bunch of chilled grapes on his forehead.

We are so excited and delighted and waggy-tailed about these photos and think our friends look marvellous!
And, we must say a HUGE great big thank you to their wonderful mums who not only whizzed these costumes up, but took the time to photograph them and send them to us via Twitter. 

So thank you @katejones11 (Charlie's Mum) @debsmonkey (Tilly's Mum) and @natfantastic (Caitlin's Mum). You all deserve a a fruity cocktail like Sir Bobblysock drinks!


Caitlin's lovely mum also wrote this jolly nice blogpost about Sir Bobblysock. Such kind words. Sir Bobblysock had a fit of the vapours over it. He's never had a blog post all about him before!

CLAUDE: Hungarian madness!

Click on the above images to play.

The lovely, but BONKERS, Hungarian publishers of our first three books have made these brilliant animated trailers for us! Sir Bobblysock is hoping to win an Oscar next year for his role in them...

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

CLAUDE at Bedtime

Well, would you look at that!

Sir Bobblysock and I have just had this lovely photo sent to us on Twitter of our book CLAUDE at the CIRCUS being shared at bedtime. It was sent to us by the lovely Michelle (@michlan) who is RAWTHER keen on us it seems. She strikes us as the sort of lady we would enjoy having a nice cup of tea and a sit down with.

Talking of Twitter, make sure you follow us on there: @CLAUDE_and_SirB

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Friday, 10 February 2012

Up for an award, if you please!

Good Gracious! We are up for an award!
Our first adventure, Claude in the City, is shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Award
When we found out Sir Bobblysock was beside himself and he's still as high as a kite. So am I. I've had to break into my Emergency Juicy Bone Baguette to keep my blood sugar up and Sir Bobblysock has had one cup of tea after another.

The winners are announced on 28th March in London so I'll be dusting off my smarted beret and Sir Bobblysock's going to have his roots done specially for the occasion.
We do love a party!

Yet another happy (beret-wearing) reader!

Look at this lovely young lady! Doesn't she look lovely with her beret worn at the correct regulation jaunty angle!

This little Claude fan is none other than Mya (aka Chickpea) whose clever mummy Teri won a copy of our new book "Claude at the Circus" when it came out last month.

Thank you Teri for sending us this picture. Sir Bobblysock's going to look out a nice frame for it and put it in pride of place on his desk so he can look at it whilst he writes his autobiography.

The competition was run on Twitter where we have our own twitter account ( @CLAUDE_and_SirB) and our friend Alex T. Smith is also on there too (@Alex_T_Smith). Why not join us all and have a chinwag?